Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good looking woman, raise your hand please.

There are a lot of type of women,
there are skinny women, there are voluptuous women
there are tall women, there are short women
there are smart women, there are intelligent women (i refuse to think there is dumb women)
there are feminine women, there are tomboy-ish women
there are party goer women, there are stay at home women...

whichever we may be,
heaven forbid

The day i have to meet my future Mother in Law...

"I have my own mother to nag me. I certainly don't need another nagmeister, in form of mother in law."

Ok. Everyone who is married has a story about mother in law (Thou shalt not lie, the bible say)

We may not have a handy "Dummy guide to handle Mother in Law" (We wish so much, that every Mother in Law come with a manual book... and preferably a remote control to press "fast forward" or "pause")

However, we could not avoid the inevitable. We have to meet our Nemesis provided by nature. It does not have to be an ugly episode (at least not always)

When the day finally arrive to meet our "the one"s mother, certainly we want to look classy not trashy. We want to look chaste but but with taste. At least, we want to be the Daughter in Law that know what is hip, hot and whats not.

Heaven forbid, we could not look dumb in front of the Mommy dearest....

Project Cinderella: Every girl needs a happily ever after

or just a cute dress, skirt, shoes, bag....

or how about we omit the "or" and replace them with "and": we need cute dress AND cute skirt AND nice shoes AND lovely bag AND so on....

The thing is, boys have their toys and we have ours. Girls will always be girls. And Girls just wanna have fun. Agree?

Men complain that they are tired looking at the computer from 9 to 5, we say: uh-huh, we did too, .... and type with a perfect manicured nail polished with OPI New York Beet Color

Men complain that they have to run their business, we say: yeah? we did too, .... and running with a 7 cm shoes and a winking sequins cardigans

Men complain that they are tired to worry about the future, we say: i hear ya, we did it too, ... only we worry while we having our back therapy massage and hair spa therapy

Men complain that they have to earn more money, we say: whatever, we just earn more in silence, and purchase those cute cardigan we saw this afternoon... he does not need to know

And after all those long hours in office, we still do things the things our mom do. Cooking, cleaning, ironing, and so on. (yea yea, we have the maids, but they need some direction from us. once in a while they need to know who is the boss in the house)

Don't get me wrong, i am not promoting feminism. only stating the fact ;)

that women can do things the same things men do.... only better and cuter ;)

Hence the explanation of the need of cute dress AND cute skirt AND nice shoes AND lovely bag AND so on....

Trust me, Girls just want to have fun, and it is not fun when we have to dress like a hag. Worse: cheap hag

Again, hence the explanation of the need of cute dress AND cute skirt AND nice shoes AND lovely bag AND so on....

Those things make life fun to live in. And most importantly,

because, WE ARE WORTH IT.